Byron Williams CV

Work Experience

Fika Studio, Bath/Remote (March 2019 - October 2019)
JavaScript/Typescript Full Stack Developer. Contract

  • Marketplace for large machinery
    • Typescript (NodeJS): API for CRUD operations including: Database migrations with knex, login/register flow, emails and billing. Bulk ETL for migrating new customers with custom import UI.
    • JavaScript: React development using Redux and Sagas.
    • Golang: Search API to interface with App Engine Search
    • DevOps: Gitlab CI/CD pipeline. GCloud deployment. Imgix integration

Veea, Bath (September 2018 - January 2019)
Golang Developer for Business Development. Contract

  • Golang: ONVIF Camera Discovery
    • Golang API fronting ONVIF discovery which remembers settings, stream names. Docker + Swarm
  • NodeJS: Customer Success
    • Active participation in suggesting and building technical solutions using the Veea Edge Platform. Docker + Swarm
    • Containerisation of OpenCV based vehicle recognition and internal library for controlling Z-Wave devices

Virtuosys, Bath (November 2017 - August 2018)
Golang Developer. Contract

  • Golang: Mesh/Cloud Deployment
    • Golang + Linux Sys Admin: Customisation of Docker Registry authentication and mesh wide proxy caching.
    • Golang: Design of device communication from Edge to cloud, Proxying and joining microservices together
  • Winner of Hacktrain 2017 Hackathon for a predictive maintenance system.

Virtuosys, Bath (February 2017 - June 2017)
Golang Developer. Contract

  • Golang: IoT device communication
    • Development of dynamic StrongSwan based IPSec gateway
    • Certificate Generation and Device Staging interface
    • WebSockets protocol for client/server communication

2P Ventures, Bath (September 2016 - December 2016)
Senior Full Stack Developer. Contract

  • NodeJS: Client Specific Analytics Tool
    • AWS Lambda NodeJS Express endpoint which ingests user actions, page views and ecommerce purchase events and stores them in DynamoDB and Redshift.
    • Plugin driven queue used (Redshift, BigQuery and S3).
    • Modify Angular 1.5 web app to read new BiqQuery queries, UI tweaks and new graphs and tables.

Swoon Editions, London (May 2015 - June 2016): Senior Full Stack Developer

  • Python: Compare the Furniture Market (Python+MySQL) - Project Lead
    • Scrapy based Website Scraping to compare furniture ranges and price points
    • Throughput analysis of competitor stock levels and pricing changes
  • Python: Logistics Interface (Python+MySQL) - Project Lead
    • Retrieve + Send Parcels through Interlink API
    • Reverse engineer a suppliers website, converting it into an API
  • Building a Logistics Operation - Project Lead
    • Heuristics based selection of carrier + packages
    • Scheduling deliveries with multiple carriers & price points
  • Manage AWS Server Infrastructure using Ansible Stack for server deployment.
  • Chrome Extensions to aide internal customers

Cloudfind, Bath (Dec 2013 - May 2015): Full Stack Developer

  • Python: Writing a webapp using Django + Postgres.
    • Performance tuning both Postgres and our SQL queries
    • Writing OAuth login and backend code interfacing with both Google Drive and Dropbox APIs
  • JavaScript: Instigated the use of AngularJS throughout the whole front end. Involved converting Django views to JSON API Endpoints, using Grunt + Karma for Unit Testing.
  • Manage AWS Server Infrastructure using Salt Stack for server deployment.
  • Created a Go based Hipchat bot to deliver better deployments.


ResinFiles (Jan 2016 - Present)

ResinFiles is an integration between Salesforce and Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. It has paying customers.

  • Go: API Server
  • Elm: Web Interface
  • Ops: Backend cluster to handle traffic. Docker, Fedora, Consul

Web Hosting Project (2019 - Present)

NodeJS+React control panel to manage Domains, Websites, Email and Notes


De Montfort University, Leicester (2007 - 2011)

  • 1st Class BSc (Hons) Computer Science
  • Year 3: Fuzzy Logic, Data Mining, Further Software Engineering Principles
  • Year 2: Systems Programming, OO Software Design & Development, Data Specification & Design C Programming
  • Year 1: Database Development, Computer Science Fundamentals, Introduction to Haskell and C++

Interests, Activities & Other

  • Driving License: Full
  • Languages: English (Native), Swedish (Intermediate, UISS certifcate August 2017)
  • I keep 25 colonies of honey bees in 4 locations in Devon.